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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tucson Pima Air and Space Museum

The Pima Air and Space Musucm in Tucson, Arizona!!! For those of you that aren't aviation buffs, the "airplane graveyard" famous from many movies is located here. Basically the U.S. military houses thousands of old air frames here for historical purposes, but also to have a "used" inventory for selling 3rd generation aircraft to other allies. A-1 Douglass "SkyRaider" used for search and rescue during Vietnam and before as an Attack fighter. Commonly known as the "SPAD"

Douglass A-26 "Invader"

B-25 "Mitchell" medium bomber

This place is enormous and we took a guided tour to check it all out. This is just one of hundreds of rows of U.S. aircraft from all brances of the military.

Side Gunner on B-29

Belly gunner, I would NOT want this job! Basically if you were short you got picked to be folded up and shoved in this rotating turrett.

Soviet Cold War era MiG. They have one of every air frame that the Soviets used for the MiG, amazing.

Dad's plane, the A-4 Douglas "SkyHawk", also known as Scooter, because it was so small and agile. This model is an A4-B which saw services from 1954 through the Vietnam War for the U.S. but is still used by some other countries.

"Intruder" used for locating SAM sites during the Vietnam War, not my idea of smart to be a big fat target and once SAMs are fired to out run them and then try to target the site that fired them!

Another shot of the A-4, also flown by John McCain.

The F-14 "Tomcat" last flown only a year ago and decommisioned by the Navy with the creation of the new F-18 Hornet.

A-1 "Cobra" gunship. Used for close air support during Vietnam. Wonderful airframe that is the basis for the "Apache" of today's army. The Marines still use this airframe.

A-10 "Wart Hog" Air Force close air support. This frame flys low and slow, but is extremely maneuverable.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


These were taken early this week when I was coming back to the apartment from running. If you are in Mississippi this is what we had the morning you woke up to snow and later mud/rain! I actually considered getting in our heated pool because it was 50 degrees here.

- John
Our "private" pool at 5:45 am.

It had rained that night so the air was very clear, no dust, and the sunrise was absolutely amazing as you can see.

These are all pretty much the same view, but they don't do justice to the shades of pink, orange, and purple I saw.

Fort Huachuca from Elevation

We drove up to a picnic /trail running area above the main post and took some pictures. These views are looking back to the east, for the most part, from the foot hills of the Huachuca Mountains.

- John

You can see the parade grounds and old post in the center bottom.

Deer infiltrating the housing area.

This is the main post and Sierra Vista in the background.

The Spanish, church looking, building in the background (with tower on left side) is a few blocks from our house.

My beautiful wife who I finally caught on film!

This area is called Apache flats. I run out there for PT most mornings. The wind can be ridiculous because there is nothing to stop it; most of the vegetation is sparse at this elevation and trees look more like large bushes.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Queen Mine Tour

On our Saturday trip to Bisbee, we had a chance to go on the Queen Mine Tour. Bisbee has been one of the worlds largest producers of copper in the world and was in production for almost 100 years. Mining for copper began in the late 1870's and continued until its closing in 1975. Our tour guide worked in the mine for twenty-five years before it's closing and has been guiding tours since Feb. 1, 1976 when the mines became open to the public. Bisbee's mines, of which the Queen Mine is just one, include more than 2,500 miles of tunnels.

Statistics of the Mine

The Queen Mine Tour Dressing Room
"Everybody's working for the weekend....."
It was a very cool 47 degrees in the mine, so we had a lot of layers on!
me and John
Kind of awkward but you sat straddling this little seat while riding through the tunnel.
Entrance to the mine. Note: If you are clausterphobic, this is not the tour for you
A Stop on the route showed how they drilled holes, put dynamite in them and blew up the rock, then hauled the rock out and the process started again.

The elevator: this elevator moved men from level to level and they also tied up mules underneath it to work in the mines. Once the mules were in the mine they had a stable for them and they only came out for retirment years later. Sadly they were blind because the only light was candles when the men worked.

This machine is an engine that ran the "Mucker". Once the rock had been blasted this pulley would haul out the big pieces to clear the way for more blasting. Our tour guide was great because he had worked in the mines for years until they closed them down in 75'.

Drilling for copper!! This machine used air compression to drive a metal bar into the wall, then dynamite was put into the holes and blew an 8 foot section of rock away.

The mine was left just like the men were still working in the hopes it could be mined again if the need for copper increased enough to justify opening it.

Creepy work area. There were tunnels going in all directions but we didn't go exploring.
The Queen Mine's powder room...our guide joked that he never understood the need for two sides because he never saw but one guy on it!!
A scary tunnel

Whoever wrote this must have had a Southern mother...
Mining tools

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let's go see the hippies?

We were able to spend all of our Saturday in Bisbee, AZ! There are several fun things to do in Bisbee...enough to spend another day or so! Below you will find pictures of the town and the fun we had while exploring it! I had originally thought that the town would have more of a "Wild West" theme, but Bisbee is quite modern and it's streets are lined with wonderful galleries, "hippy" jewelry stores and antique if you are into any of the above three that were listed, Bisbee's main street is right up your alley!


This isn't the best picture of Bisbee, but I coudn't get past the fence!
A picture of Bisbee built into the mountains
Main Street. Isn't it cozy? They had lights and decorations up and they are so pretty at night.
Another view of Main Street....
The Copper Queen hotel is to the far left there.....not sure why we didn't get a better picture
The Gulch....the first Brewery in Bisbee...
This is a house that we noticed while passing by an alley. It's called the Birdhouse

The Bisbee Mining Museum. Lots of great info. and history on how the town was settled.

The Historic Bisbee Covenant Presbyterian Church