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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lucky Hills Ranch

Leaving Lucky Hills Ranch for a 2 hour trail ride. The ranch is located about 2 miles NW of Tombstone and they often do rides through town. Originially we wanted to do a longer ride, but Natalie talked me out of it knowing my rear end couldn't handle much more!
Lucky Hills has over 75 horses, most of which are wintering at their main ranch in Colorado.

Our guide, Linda, was an expert rider and was breaking a 4 year old mare while riding with us. Linda has been riding sense the age of 3 and has always had horses. She and Natalie talked the WHOLE time and I looked for banditos.

Beautiful country! You can't see from here, but we are on the side of a large hill and there are two river systems in front of us, but because of the terrain they are hidden.
Natalie and Black Satin.
A self portrait.

This is a river bed, which floods quickly during the spring rainy season, but now is ideal for navigating cross country and giving the horse's feet a rest from the rocky ground above.
Indians used these natural corrals to channel and catch wild horses. They would run the horses into the river bed and trap them in an area with large rock walls where the horses couldn't escape.

Old rail line used to move minerals, gold, and silver from mines around Tombstone into town.

We had beautiful weather and you can definitely tell by how clear the sky is in these pictures.

Back at the ranch we went down to see some of the other horses. Here, Linda and Natalie are calling over a few for further inpsection.

Beautiful mare who loved Natalie and came right up to her.

One of the ole cowboys working the ranch owned this dog. He followed us around and when I threw him a small twig came back with a huge log the size of my arm as if to say "THIS is what we play with out here partner!"

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