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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodbye Arizona......Hello Mississippi!

It has now been two months since we spent our last full day in Sierra Vista,AZ. I knew I needed to pay homage to the state that was our home for the past four months, but had not decided what I wanted to convey. With that being said, I will stay true to my form and will begin to write this post and let it be what it will be.

In the deep south, we pride ourselves on our hospitality,will, and genteel nature. We assume ( and for the most part it is true...) that because we are known as the Bible Belt we are the most religious area of the United States....I mean come on, we have many churches of many denominations and creeds on almost every corner. That has to count for something right?

When we moved to Sierra Vista, we had already located a church to visit and attend while we were there. We found Grace Presbyterian Church and were so excited to find a PCA church so close to where we were living. The Sunday morning service began at 9:30 and following the service, a brief refreshment time followed by Sunday School in the sanctuary at 11:15. The church building itself is a modest structure and the congregations averages approximately 60-70 people each Sunday morning. I wish I knew how to put into words how wonderful this church family is. The focus was not "What can this church do for me," " How can I be entertained," "What trips and functions can this church provide." Rather, it was " We will worship God according to his word, for He is Lord." Every member of this church is completely devoted to the Word of God....not only in spirit, but in their actions. There is so much genuine concern and accountability that flows through this congregation for not only members, but for visitors as well. I guess a better way to describe it would be to use the word "thirst and hunger." If you have been there for 2 hours, you will still hunger and thirst more for the Word. We had such an amazing experience with this church.....and will miss it dearly.

Also while in Arizona, we were unsure where we would be living once our time there was over. We knew that everything is in God's hand, but because we are sinful by nature sometimes let worry sneak in thinking that we could determine where we wanted to be. So once we fully put our situation in God's hand, we had a certain peace come over us. As the "Our Daily Bread" devotional put it that morning: "When we know that God's hand is in everything, we can leave everything in God's hand."

Words cannot adequately convey how wonderful our time was in Arizona....I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

Now to more current events! We have recently purchased our first home and in the morning, the painting will begin! We have a busy next few months as we transition from having all of our things in storage and over multiple cities to having them in our very own home. We are so excited and look forward to having our friends over very soon!