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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Long Time, No Post!

I did not realized how long it had been since we last posted on our blog! Let me try to catch you up on what has been going on with us over the past two months.

John and I have purchased our first home and are loving it! We had every room on the inside painted and all the furniture moved in a matter of days. We spent the next few weeks trying to organize and reorganize our things.....we're almost finished! We have really enjoyed spending time with some of our friends here in the area, and most certainly appreciate all of their support! We are so blessed to be living close to all of you and look forward to having a lot of fun together in the future!

John has been very busy working with the Army's Yellow Ribbon Program. For those of you who have loved ones over seas or know of someone who has been over seas, this program could not be more of a blessing. The Yellow Ribbon Program's focus is the spiritual,mental, and physical well being of a soldier and his/her family during deployment. There are entire weekends prior, to a units deployment ( as well as during deployment and after they return home) dedicated to educating soldiers and their families on everything from paychecks, insurance, and life insurance to strengthening marriages, children, and mental health issues.

This program is such an effective tool in helping families and friends to cope with a soldiers deployment. Still in its' infancy, the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program has already touched thousands of lives...not only in Mississippi, but all over the United States.

My father was overseas with the 155th the last time they deployed, and I wish this program would have been around at that time! Please remember to keep all of our service men/women and their families in your prayers.

Moving on! We have been to several weddings over the past few months and have made several trips to the beach over the summer. We have a few trips lined up in the fall and we look forward to sharing those with you all!

God Bless you all and we look forward to seeing you!

-Nat and John