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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Perdido Key: Round 2

We have gone to the beach.....again! It has been beautiful here in lovely Perdido Key, FL, but as always, we are happy to be home! This trip we were able to show Elizabeth the sand and ocean as well as the swimming pool. She was unimpressed with the sand or the ocean and slightly protested to the pool. We were only able to go one of the first days we were here, after that the water was too cold!

The trip was off to a great start! We left home on Saturday morning and she did so well all the way to FL. We got settled in our condo and she stayed right on schedule. It was fantastic! Then the second morning we were here we started hearing jackhammers and other horrible sounds coming from the condo next door. They were remodeling! Now, those of you with little ones understand that when you are trying to keep your little ones on a nap schedule (especially when they have been showing signs of teething) that hearing the melodious sounds of a jackhammer is NOT what you want to be faced with! We had a very tired/fussy baby for about two days until we called the front desk and asked them to move us. So long story short, we moved condos midweek of our trip...which is a lot to move! We ended up in a wonderfully spacious end unit condo that worked great for us the rest of the week. They also gave us a gift certificate to the shrimp basket......which couldn't have been more perfect!

Even with the setbacks, we still enjoyed being at the beach during our favorite time of year with our sweet little girl :)

Here are a few pictures of Elizabeth from our trip!

Elizabeth with John

"Mom and dad, I am O.K.!"

"If I only had a good book to read..."

Elizabeth laying out by the pool

"What are you doing to me now? Get me out of here!!!"

Still not sure about this pool venture...