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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Since we are just a few days shy of Elizabeth turning 10 months, I thought it may be time to update! She is getting into EVERYTHING! Pulling up on anything she can reach, chasing the cats around (much to their chagrin), and wanting to feed herself (after all, she's a big girl now). She is drinking all of her liquid meals from a sippy cup...except if we go somewhere because at this point, I don't want her hurling her sippy cup at innocent bystanders.

She is such a sweet little girl, mischievous, yes, but sweet. She is happy and content to play in her pack 'n play while I get ready for Bible study in the mornings, and loves to have people clap for her and ask her to show us "where the ballerina is". She enjoys hanging upside down and standing up in her crib (which makes me nervous!). There also is not a book that this child doesn't want to "read". We have two top teeth, two on the bottom, and two more coming through on the bottom. She continues to change every day!

We cannot believe how quickly time is passing. Soon, Elizabeth will be 1 year old and we will begin to experience so many new things! She is such a blessing!