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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MS Children's Museum

John and I took Elizabeth to the Mississippi Children's Museum for the first time on Tuesday. It was wonderful! There were a lot of exhibits that were a little "old" for Elizabeth (she's only 14 months) but there were a few that were age appropriate for her. She loved the "Reading Between The Lions" room, and the "Exercise and Nutrition" room (I'm not sure if that's the exact name of the exhibit, but you get the general idea). The music room was also a big hit as well as the rock and tunnel exhibits (again, cannot remember the name).

Elizabeth is definitely keeping us busy, busy, busy! She wants to open everything and pull anything and everything off of any surface she can reach! Oh, and if you are anywhere near her with a water bottle....look out! She will beg until you give her some! I just can't believe she is already 14 months......where has the time gone? Her favorite toy by far is her Cozy Coupe. This provides an ENDLESS amount of entertainment for her. She likes to gather her stuffed animals and other toys and stuff them in the car with her and get in and out etc. She also enjoys splashing in her blow up pool in the backyard, but she does not like to walk in the grass. I still can't figure this one out!

Here are a few pictures from the Children's Museum

"Dad, why don't YOU try this first...."
"Here I come!"

Learning how to load a dishwasher...

"Would you like a banana?"

Not sure what to think of all of these children....