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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My sweet friend, Anna, posted this on her blog. I'm not tech savy enough to cross post so I just copied and pasted these from her page :)  These are a few notes on pride.

this specifically deals with pride and how we i like to take credit for my kids behavior.

*the world often judges us by our children's reaction to something however God judges us by the way we react to our kids.

*we take too much credit.

*our responsibility is to help our children find their place in His kingdom.

*am i being a good steward with the child God has given me? Am I helping them grow?Am i addressing their weaknesses?

*am i more concerned with God saying well done thy good and faithful servant more than my neighbor saying that?

*we need to be God centered.

*we need to parent with the heart of worship

I am so thankful for Anna and friends like her that are such a source of encouragement and wisdom for me and other moms. I miss our weekly Bible study and look forward to starting back in September!